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Buy children's masks at Kanela

For a long time, mask skeptics stuck to the theory that wearing a face mask (MNS) restricts the supply of oxygen to the brain - but this thesis has long been refuted. From a scientific point of view, there is not a single reason not to wear the mask. Of course, it is more comfortable without the protection, that cannot be denied, but wearing a mouth and nose cover temporarily is not really annoying. Responsible parents have long since taught their children that you not only protect yourself, but also everything else, by wearing masks where it is prescribed. And as is so often the case, many children are the real role models here, because they just wear the mask. If you want to buy beautiful children's masks at Kanela, your Swiss online drugstore, then you've come to the right place.

Children's masks in beautiful colors and with patterns

It is advisable to practice wearing the mask with smaller children in advance at home. This may be unusual for the youngsters at first, but you know that children always come to terms with reality quickly. Nevertheless, the children's mask should of course fit well and not cause any restrictions for the child. For this reason alone, wearing a mask should be practiced diligently, especially putting it on. Our range includes both fabric and disposable masks for children. The disposable models are colored or printed with funny motifs, which also motivates children to wear the mask. The fabric masks for girls and boys are also nicely printed. You can find out details about the products by clicking on the corresponding picture.