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Order preparations for the nose from Kanela

Our nose is a special organ. With it we perceive our environment very intensely - even if sometimes unconsciously. It tells us what might taste delicious and it warns us when we are about to eat spoiled food. And not infrequently it sends signals to the brain that are connected with memories, certain smells remind us of our childhood or of grandma's delicious cake that used to be served every Sunday. In short: our nose is a marvel that we must cherish and take care of. Of course, we can always get a cold, the nasal mucous membranes can dry out and temporarily limit functionality. But if you order the right preparations for the nose from your Swiss online drugstore Kanela, you are doing something good for your olfactory organ.

With us you will find nasal sprays in various forms, nasal showers and cleaners, rinsing salt and nasal care oil. The care and protection of your nose are guaranteed by these products - and that is important, because permanent damage to the nasal mucosa causes lasting problems.

Buy products for the nose and protect them

The articles in our range all come from well-known manufacturers (such as Triomer, Emser, Serophy or Otrivin) and are well tested and scientifically researched. When you order in our online shop, you are definitely doing something good for your nose and mucous membranes. With babies and toddlers in particular, make sure to quickly and sustainably alleviate diseases related to the nose.