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Especially when we are active in sport, our body urgently needs the provision of nutritional supplements. When this is mentioned, solid foods are often meant, and of course that makes sense. In our case, however, it is about fluids, and when exercising or exercising, it is essential to always maintain a balanced fluid balance. And since you as an athlete make sure to consume enough protein with solid food, why shouldn't you handle the same with drinks? That's why protein water has become increasingly popular lately. And why not - because in addition to the valuable ingredients, protein water quenches thirst perfectly and tastes good too. When you buy protein water at Kanela, your Swiss online pharmacy, you are choosing between some delicious varieties.

Protein water - without artificial additives and without sugar

The aromatic spectrum ranges from elderflower and cassis to white peach and wild berry to citrus orange. In addition to proteins, it also contains other valuable BCAA's, which are branched-chain amino acids, i.e. the smallest building blocks that make up proteins (isoleucine, leucine, valine). Our organism urgently needs these amino acids; we absolutely have to take them in through food or drinks. Proteins, in turn, are essential components of our tissue and cells. No fat, carbohydrates or sugar are found in protein water. Colorings and preservatives are also not contained in the sports drinks. You can read detailed information about the individual drinks by simply clicking on the desired image.