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Surely you know this from your circle of friends: You talk about this and that and, via a detour, suddenly receive tips on a completely different topic. Her skin was so dry last winter, the neighbor then says, but face cream XY, she would swear by it. Many are impressed by it and buy the recommended product immediately, only to find out shortly afterwards that the hoped-for positive effect on the skin does not materialize. In most cases, this is not due to the face cream itself, but rather to the fact that you very likely have a different skin type that requires different care products. When you buy face cream at Kanela, your Swiss online drugstore, you will find a large selection with us - the right face cream for you is definitely there.

Not all face creams are created equal

But: how do you find out which skin type you are and which face cream you need for it? Perhaps you already know your skin type from visiting a dermatologist - if not, it doesn't hurt to have your own type determined there (or by the beautician). Only then will you fully know what to look out for when buying a face cream. Whether oily skin, dry skin or combination skin: you will definitely find the ideal face cream for you in our online shop. With a click on the respective photo you can find out detailed information about the product. By the way: Facial skin care is not only reserved for women, men should also take care of this matter.