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Buy plasters against blisters from Kanela

There are few things more uncomfortable than blisters on your feet. One of the reasons for this is that we cannot initially prevent it from occurring - simply because we do not notice it. Well, the new shoes may feel a little uncomfortable at first, and we know it's important to "break in" them as soon as possible. Because freshly after the purchase, the materials are quite hard and inflexible and not elastic at all - and rubs on the foot. Either in the front of the toes or in the back of the heel. We may notice that the shoe is pinching when we walk or run, but by then it is usually too late to prevent the formation of blisters. In summer this is usually even faster because then there is also moisture in the form of sweat.

Plasters against blisters are best ordered from us in your Swiss online pharmacy. And stick the plasters directly onto the blister that has formed, because if you are out and about during the day or at work and you don't have a spare pair of shoes with you, then you still have to keep the new kicks on.

Buy blister plasters and be on the safe side

If you are wondering whether a normal patch can help with blisters on your feet, the answer is a resounding no. Because only blister plasters are padded in such a way that on the one hand they adhere well and on the other hand they alleviate the pain caused by the pressure point. And last but not least, blister plasters are breathable, ideally absorb escaping liquid and prevent dirt particles from penetrating the wound.