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When the night comes to an end and the alarm clock goes off, the time is seldom the right one. How often do you still feel tired in the morning even though you have actually got enough sleep? And still, it doesn't help, the day has to start. Perhaps the hungry offspring is already waiting for a bite to eat for breakfast, you have to jump into the shower yourself and it's not long before you start work? If the engine still stutters a little in the morning, then of course that is quite normal, and you can help a little - with a pick-me-up. Don't you like coffee? When you buy pick-me-ups at Kanela, your Swiss online drugstore, treat yourself to wonderful teas in the morning.

Pick-me-up - and the day can come

From Yogi Tea, Pukka, Sidroga, Sirocco and Puerto Mate you will find excellent teas with us to start the day full of verve and energy. Of course, these varieties are also suitable if you have a hangover during the day - for example in the office after lunch when the eyelids get a little bit heavy. Then enjoy a Matcha Green Tea, a cup of Revival, a glass of mate tea, various herbal teas or something fruity like ginger-lemon tea or Lemon Dream! Even while you are sipping on a pick-me-up during a little sag or in the morning after getting up, your energy level increases noticeably. For more information on the individual varieties, just click on the corresponding picture.