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It is well known that physical activity removes fluids and calories from the body. So those who exercise to lose weight are happy because of the loss of calories. However, if you want to be athletic to be fit and healthy, it is important that you give back to your body what you lose in the effort before, during and after exercise. For this reason, we have set up the category of sports drinks and bars in our online pharmacy . These articles supply your body with the substances it has lost through sweating - valuable substances that the circulatory system needs. For example, nutrients that are as common in relation to the liquid as they are in your blood.

Nocco, Vitamin Well, Multipower and more

That means: If you take a isotonic drink , then you will supply your blood with exactly those ingredients in a very short time, who need it most. Needless to say that you are doing yourself a favor. If you play sports regularly, then you are probably familiar with the feeling of being exhausted. Then only the rapid supply of the body's own substances helps. With the preparations from our sports drinks department, you can carefully and gently rebuild the missing substances after normal exercise. Stay fit - with products from Kanela!