Fatty acids

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Strengthen the brain and cell membrane with fatty acids

In general, the term fat has a negative connotation. Our brain automatically connects to something unhealthy. The truth is that the brain would not exist without fat - on the contrary, it even consists largely of this tissue. And that in turn means that there are also fatty acids in the brain. Docosahexaenoic acid is the most important among them, it is polyunsaturated. This characteristic - unsaturated - is generally very important for fatty acids, because only unsaturated fatty acids fulfill important functions of the body. "Good fats" is the popular term for unsaturated fatty acids, and these good fats also relieve inflammation, help with cell division in the body and represent the preliminary stage of what once grows into hormones.

Where good unsaturated fatty acids are found

Up to ten percent of our daily diet should come from unsaturated fatty acids. This is mainly found in fish, vegetable oil (especially olive oil), meat, potatoes and cereals. These foods are available in every season - but what if you don't want to eat meat and fish? If you don't like olive oil or you have an intolerance to cereals or potatoes? Then you have to make sure to eat unsaturated fatty acids in another way. In our online pharmacy we have a range of omega-3 fatty acids . You can take the acids as capsules or as liquid, i.e. oil. Or try the IQ-Chews , chewable capsules that support brain function. All preparations at Kanela have been tested by experts.