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Order articles against neurodermatitis at Kanela - your Swiss online drugstore

Neurodermatitis is a non-contagious skin disease that is relatively common in the population and can occur in episodes. It is usually caused by a disturbance in the protective function of the skin, whereupon our immune system overreacts. Why this is the case in some people and not in others is still controversial even among scientists. The only thing that is clear is that it is a combination of external influences and genetic conditions. If both parents suffer from neurodermatitis, the children are 60 to 80 percent likely to get it as well. But the symptoms are treatable - the best way to treat neurodermatitis is to order products here at Kanela. In our online shop you will find a whole range of products that you can use if you suffer from neurodermatitis, itchy scalp or psoriasis. Choose from spray, balm, shampoo, body lotion, ointment, oil bath, emulsion, gel and other products that will help you quickly. They contain active ingredients that inhibit inflammation and with which you can safely get through everyday life.

Buy products against neurodermatitis and feel good

You will literally feel better in your skin very quickly. In adulthood, by the way, it is relatively difficult to prevent neurodermatitis really well, in baby and childhood it is easier. Breastfeeding and feeding complementary food from the fourth month onwards help the immune system. Seafood is particularly helpful - even at this age. Fish in particular can significantly reduce the risk of developing atopic dermatitis. Order our effective preparations right now and treat the symptoms quickly and sustainably!