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Order items against harmful mammals from Kanela

Not every mammal is always welcome to us humans. And that doesn't mean the little barking of the always bad-tempered neighbor. No, a number of mammals are also among the pests, as the example of rats or mice shows. These animals go to food stores and pollute the house and apartment. Martens usually stay away from people, but like to gnaw cables on the car or bite them through. Voles and moles in turn tunnel the garden or terrace to the point where the surfaces are unstable. And even cats and dogs don't always stop at the devastation of the garden. If you order items against harmful mammals from Kanela, your Swiss online pharmacy, you can master these problems.

Effective products against mammals in the home and garden

For rats and mice, you will find poisonous baits in our range that cause the death of the animals - with a delay of a few days. The bitter substances it contains ensure that children do not accidentally consume the bait if they find it on the floor. Voles and moles can be easily chased away without killing them by using the granules from our online shop. It contains an oil that is very unpleasant for the animals, which they sell once and for all. The anti-marten spray also works in this way when you use it for the car. And of course you don't want to liquidate cats and dogs either - just sprinkle the appropriate place in the garden with the anti-cat granulate once a month and the animals stay away.