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Tea as an infusion drink in China has been a popular drink for more than two millennia. Guests were treated to the hot drink even before the turn of the times. Tea has been known in our latitudes since the 17th century - in 1610 the first tea-laden ship of the Dutch East India Company moored in a port in Holland. Since then, drinking tea has spread across Europe. Many types of tea are not only tasty, but also very healthy. Detoxification, detoxification, acid-base balance, there are many areas of the human organism that healthy tea is very beneficial to. It is not for nothing that healthy tea has long been an integral part not only in Naturopathy , but also in contemporary pharmacy.

Healthy tea with lots of great herbs

Healthy tea is extremely tasty, and that's not least in the case of Jentschura 7x7 herbal teas the variety of herbs used. Be fit, be slim and feel good - thanks to the harmonious composition of healthy plants from the herb garden. The tea contains thyme, cinnamon bark, lemon balm leaves, lemongrass, lemon peel, lovage root, marjoram herb, quince herb, ribwort plantain, vine leaves, hyssop herb, lemon verbena leaves, apple, artichoke herb, wild garlic herb, buckwheat herb, sweet fennel fruits, cumin leaves, aniseed root, rosemary lentils, etc. All ingredients come from organic farming. All plants and herbs use their healthy ingredients and ensure your well-being. Enjoy the tea freshly brewed and hot in the cold months - or as a cool refreshing drink when it is warmer outside, also refined with lime or mint.