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Training balance improves several factors, for example our coordination, our stability and last but not least our sense of balance. This is exactly the basis on which performance in other fields can also be improved. But first of all, for example, an increased sense of balance alone is real progress, as there are always situations in everyday life in which this is in demand. For example, if we have to change our posture, the muscles absorb the movements, so a fall is prevented. Balance training uses an enormous number of muscles, everywhere in the body, especially deep-lying muscles. These are essential for stabilizing, coordinating and maintaining balance. In their entirety, they form the human support system - and this is responsible for the balance of the body.

Balance training can be increased

The training of balance is versatile and can also be increased. If you try to increase the difficulty of the exercises as your physical constitution improves, you will always perform better and improve your sense of balance, stability and coordination. To increase the difficulty, use the devices offered. There is also a trick you can use to improve your sense of balance: Close your eyes during balance training! As a result, your body has to work harder to remain stable. With this trick you increase the level of difficulty of the exercises immensely; the exercise becomes more efficient and shows greater success.