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Order chewing gum and bonbons from Kanela

There are many reasons why we sometimes chew gum. Often it is simply because after eating we have a breath that is not 100 percent fresh - and that is a little stressful for ourselves and our fellow human beings. Some chewing gums also maintain the oral flora and the teeth - like the brands that you can find in our range. According to a previously unproven theory, chewing gum actually increases brain performance. That may be true or not, but chewing gum has never harmed the thinking process. And then there are those contemporaries who are trying to give up the glow stick, that is: quit smoking. For them, chewing gum is in many cases a good way to distract yourself from nicotine addiction.

Buy chewing gum and bonbons without a guilty conscience

If you order chewing gum from Kanela, you can do so without a guilty conscience - because our varieties are almost all sugar-free. And the other varieties each contain a minimum of sugar. As far as the choice of taste is concerned, you of course have to decide for yourself. Our products taste sweet or tart mint , Tutti Frutti , Spearmint, Peppermint - or they contain like the chewing gum from Swiss Cannabis Gum the ingredient cannabidiol (CBD) obtained from the hemp plant. These chewing gums contain antioxidants and essential oils such as tea tree oil, peppermint oil and cannabis oil and have a variety of positive effects that are stress-relieving, increase well-being and of course refresh your breath.