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For all new mothers, it is the greatest feeling of happiness to hold the baby in your arms and to be able to breastfeed it. But things don't always run smoothly, sometimes there are problems with the suction. When you buy nipple shields from Kanela, you can stimulate your baby's sucking reflex. That's because a nipple shield is simply bigger and harder than the nipple. Put simply, babies no longer have to struggle to get their breast milk. Nipple shields often prove to be an enormous help, for example when the baby was born a little too early and is simply not yet able to suckle as well. Or when inverted or flat nipples make it more difficult for the infant than it normally is.

Nipple shields and support your baby with breastfeeding

Some babies, for example, do not yet have the fine adjustment of their tongue under control, that is, they push it too far forward or pull it back too far. In all of these cases, nipple shields make perfect sense. These breastfeeding aids are silicone attachments that cover the entire breast. The cones are also beneficial for nursing mothers when the nipples are in danger of becoming sore. You will find a selection of different sizes in our range. If you are not sure which size is right for you, start with the smallest and try them out first. If these don't fit, you can always switch to the next larger format.