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Up until modern times, it was considered a flaw in better circles if there was even a slight coloration caused by the sun at any point on the body or skin. It was powdered and whitewashed, especially on the face, arms and legs were covered with clothing most of the time anyway. This aversion to skin tanning was replaced at the latest with the onset of belief in one's own fitness - suddenly it was considered chic to exercise outdoors and get tanned. It was only a continuation and a question of time before people lay down in the sun on vacation and at home to roast in a targeted manner. But those days are also over - it's best to order sunscreen and oil from our shop right now! Because we now know how dangerous a single sunburn can be. Protect yourself and your family from the UV rays of the sun as best you can. In our range you will find sun protection with a sun protection factor of at least 20.

Buy sun oil and sunscreen and be prepared

Sufficient protection from the sun is particularly important, especially for the delicate skin of babies, toddlers and children. You will also find corresponding articles in the shop. Apply cream to yourself and your children even if it is a bit cloudy, because the dangerous radiation easily penetrates. Order your sun oil and sunscreen right here and now from Kanela!