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Bath and shower items for your own well-being

Anyone who has the leisure time to do so knows how to appreciate it: the privilege of being able to spend a lot of time in the bath and shower at the weekend increases the well-being many times over. Dedicate yourself properly to personal hygiene, without the stress that determines the entire daily routine during the week. Wellness at home, so to speak. Don't just jump in the shower quickly after getting up and jump in your clothes to start your work - no, just devote yourself to your own needs. Decelerate. When it comes to body care, the time you spend in the bath and shower must not be neglected. Of course, it often has to be quick, but if our time allows it, we also have to be able to keep up and do something good for ourselves.

Order bathroom and shower products from Kanela

Time for the bathtub is far too rare. If you then take a bath again, make sure that you use the perfect products for it. Our bath products are just great - whether body care salt, oil bath or various bath salt mixtures (for after exercise, for joints and muscles or for colds). Relax properly, your body will thank you. But even the daily shower can be relaxing if the right shower products are used. Choose from a variety of excellent and tested products that give your skin what it needs. You have the choice between a large number of fragrances and deodorants. You will also find a great washing emulsion in this category.