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Everything about mother and child

Becoming a parent is not difficult, but being a parent is very difficult - as the saying goes. This is only half the truth, ask a mother-to-be. The pregnancy does not always go without complications. But even without major difficulties, the nine months - especially towards the end - are no longer just dreamily beautiful for women. To make it easier for the expectant mother with the baby in her stomach, you will find some great products in our pregnancy category. In every phase of this time, both the mother and the fetus need additional vitamins, for example - these can be ordered from Kanela. Various care oils can also be found in this category, as well as birth coaches. In addition (and more for the early phase) there are pregnancy tests and ovulation tests here at Kanela.

The baby is here!

At some point the offspring is there and the joy is great - but life changes in one fell swoop. It would be practical to have made provisions. Luckily, you can find everything related to babies at Kanela in a wide variety of categories, from baby milk to baby powder and pampers to breast pads and nursing hats. You can also order breast pumps and bottle warmers, bottles and nuggis as well as baby lotion or baby cream and baby shampoo from us (even if the latter products are rarely needed at the beginning). Products from the category baby food - porridge, muesli & Co. - complete the range. The time with the baby is the best time that a family can have - it can only be better with the right products from our online drugstore.