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It can happen that hair is too dry. No need to worry, sometimes you unknowingly use the wrong shampoo or other means (tint, conditioner, etc.) that are not designed for your own hair. You can usually find out in good time that your hair is a little too dry before it gets really bad, but you should then take action immediately and get the right shampoo. When you buy moisturizing shampoos at Kanela, your Swiss online drugstore, you will find a nice selection of products that keep hair dry. Incidentally, this dryness can already be felt on the hair, it then feels brittle. The reason for this is that the outermost layer of a hair has become porous.

Moisturizing shampoos fight dry hair

This not only makes the hair feel brittle and dry, you can actually see it in the hair. Usually the outermost layer ensures that the hair looks supple, healthy and even shiny. If the layer is attacked, the shine is over for the time being. With moisturizing shampoos you can restore exactly this shine. Moisturizing shampoos ensure that the hydrolipid film that protects the hair and makes it look good is built up again if the shampoo is used regularly or often. Each moisturizing shampoo has different aroma content, but they have one thing in common: the hydrating ingredients that give hair the much needed moisture back. We recommend reading the description of the respective product before buying (by clicking on the corresponding picture).