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Do you already have enough diapers? What about rompers and mobiles? And is there already a sufficiently large range of powder, baby cream and wet wipes available? These are exactly the questions that parents-to-be will probably hear the most shortly before the due date. Admittedly - none of this is unimportant and absolutely has to be there when you come home from the hospital with the newborn baby. A little baby doesn't really need much more in the first days and weeks of life. Yes, and all parents know, the little bundles of joy grow up so quickly, and after a short time you suddenly need completely different things at home. So you should buy these baby accessories from Kanela, your Swiss online drugstore.

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Because it may soon be impossible without the pacifier. Then it is better to be equipped with a couple of pacifiers, after all, they have to be boiled regularly to rid them of bacteria. For example, the great amber necklaces in our range are suitable as jewelry or to play with. Sometimes breast milk is not enough and you have to give your baby additional milk - no problem with some of our bottles. It is best to order the replacement suction cups directly. Our bottle warmers are ideal for ensuring the right drinking temperature. And if babies really feel like eating the first porridge after a few months, then it doesn't hurt to have a small assortment of three colored baby spoons (red, yellow, green) in stock.