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Birth is still the greatest miracle nature has created. And when the time comes, it feels great - but expectant mothers, of course, rightly approach the time of labor with mixed feelings. It's also true: no woman knows exactly what to expect. Every birth, every contraction, every pain is different and individual. And yet there is a way that you can prepare a little for the most beautiful moment in life. At the very least, you will manage to reduce the risk of a ruptured or cut perineum, which many women who give birth are exposed to. If you buy the birth trainer in our online pharmacy, you can train at home for "emergencies" many weeks before the time comes. With targeted, but also gentle, regular practice at home, you will then approach the birth in a much more relaxed manner. Prepared in this way, that means for you in the district hall: reducing the likelihood of complications and reducing stress. And of course, less stress for you also means less stress for your baby, and that's the most important thing!

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With the obstetric trainer, you primarily strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor - and thereby significantly reduce the risk of damaging the perineum. The technique that you use with the birth trainer originally comes from Africa and has been developed a little further. Damage to a perineum can sometimes have some long-term consequences - with an obstetric trainer, you can make sure it doesn't get that far. Order the birth trainer directly from us in the online shop!