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Beards have been back in fashion for many men in the younger and middle ages for some time now. If you still have smooth facial skin and find that looking in the mirror without a beard is a more pleasant one, you have to shave every day or at least every few days, depending on the speed of your beard growth. But shaving isn't just a visual statement. No, there are men who have to shave because the job simply requires it or because the growth of the whiskers is very uncomfortable. When it comes to shaving, it is by no means the only question that is always the same among men: dry or wet? No, the right technology also plays a big role. Avoid cuts and razor burns. But men who wear a beard also have to shave in order to always give the beard the desired shape. On this page you will find selected products related to shaving and aftershave.

Shave and aftershave: thoroughly and without irritation to the skin

Above all, you need some time for a close shave. Wet shaving is not something you should do in passing, so to speak. Preparation includes washing your face so that there is no longer any resistance between the blade and the skin for shaving cream or shaving gel. You can also afford a beautiful shaving brush and don't miss out on an aftershave that smells good and protects your skin. Aftershave is also available as a balm for the more sensitive skin. We have the most shave and aftershave products from the Gillette brand.