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Buy a nail file from Kanela

There is nothing wrong with regular pedicures or manicures by a specialist (or, of course, a specialist) - on the contrary. Professional nail care is no longer a luxury these days, but it does mean that you need to be trained with the help of a trained specialist Fingers and toes feel quite comfortable after use. But everyday life also requires taking care of the nails on the hands and feet at home. And often the nail scissors or clippers are not enough to shorten the nails on the one hand and on the other hand, to get nice and smooth. If you buy a nail file from Kanela or a set of files, then taking care of your toenails and fingernails at home becomes a real breeze.

Order a nail file and don't give chapped nails a chance

Maybe you have already noticed: The edge of the toenail or fingernail quickly becomes cracked if the nail becomes too long? This means that you often get caught in the fabric of the sweater with your fingernails, for example. On the toes, the sharp edges of the toenail quickly tear holes in socks. Because that doesn't have to be the case and also feels uncomfortable on the hand and foot, using a nail file is almost a must. Choose the right file or set from our range and make sure that odd-cut nails are no longer a nuisance. With just a few simple steps, the nail file ensures that your nails always remain round and have no edges or cracks.