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There are supposed to be parents who are against their babies and toddlers having a pacifier. The concerns are always the same - pacifiers damage the jaws or the teeth of the children and the little ones would get so used to it that weaning becomes a bad trip. One can, however, take a differentiated look at this. Because if the suckling does not take place around the clock and you pay particular attention to the correct size of the pacifier, then the jaws and teeth of the baby or toddler do not mind. And when it comes to weaning, every mom and dad has to find the right path. Sometimes it is easier, sometimes not. When you order pacifiers from Kanela, your Swiss online pharmacy, you get the highest quality pacifiers.

Buy pacifiers and the offspring will be fine

In any case, parents shouldn't have said the last word about the use of pacifiers until the infant is really dissatisfied and when screaming reaches a volume that one would not have thought possible. What to do? The child cannot be reassured, it is not hunger or tiredness that triggers the protest. And you believe it or you don't believe it: a pacifier works wonders in such a situation! For babies , the pacifier is then probably something that provides occupational therapy, even the dear little ones ultimately need variety. And being able to suck and chew on something seems to be exactly the right measure. You will worry about weaning when the time comes.