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Regardless of whether you are out and about with your child or whether you have to wipe a surface at home: It is simply advisable to always have a damp cloth with you for one-time use. The one-time use of such a cloth has the advantage that the germs wiped off with the dirt then immediately move into the waste. Compared with a multiple wipe, wipes that are only used once are sterile and do not give pathogens a chance. It would of course be ideal if it were not just wet wipes, but surface disinfectant wipes. These not only kill most of the bacteria and viruses on the surfaces on which they are used, but also fungi. If you buy surface disinfectant wipes from Kanela, your Swiss online pharmacy, you reduce the risk of infection significantly.

Reduce the risk of infection with surface disinfectant wipes

Not all pathogens are always completely killed off with surface disinfectant wipes. However, it is absolutely sufficient for health if the viruses and germs are reduced to a minimum so that the number is so low that the pathogens are harmless. You can use the surface disinfectant wipes in all areas of life, not just in medicine, in care, in kindergartens or in food production. All types of surfaces can be wiped off, including door handles, toilet seats, treatment chairs and much more, for example objects that you often pick up - especially at home. The composition of the surface disinfectant wipes in our range differs from product to product. You can get more information about the articles by clicking on the corresponding picture.