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Health is our greatest asset

You don't play with your health - we were rightly told that from an early age. It's great that nowadays there are products with which observing your own constitution is easy and even fun. In ten different categories you can order excellent and of course tested products with which you will simply feel better. If you have incontinence, then our products from this area are definitely something for you: Kanela has insoles, pants, cream, wipes, roll funnels and articles against fecal incontinence in its range for you. You will also find suitable remedies for cystitis in our Swiss online drugstore. If you suffer from diabetes, order measuring devices, test strips and other accessories such as swabs and lancets from us.

Our health should be worth something to us

But Kanela is not behind when it comes to wound care either. You can find products against corns and warts as well as against blisters from us, as well as products such as plasters, gauze pads and disinfectants. If you have flu or a cold, it is better to have certain things around the house: for fever, runny nose and sore throat. Look in the appropriate category. You will also find products that promote blood circulation and cardiovascular system as well as help against allergies and hay fever. We carry medical devices and self-tests (such as pedometers, blood pressure monitors, etc.) as well as various kinds of natural remedies. And our excellent products will help you quickly with various complaints relating to the stomach and intestines. Stay healthy, get healthy - after all, there is nothing more important than health.