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Constipation can always affect you - especially if you have perhaps eaten something that you do not know, when you are on the move or in the Pregnancy . Constipation does not occur easily, but it usually has a number of side effects. As a rule, abdominal pain occurs in parallel, which can expand to cramps, flatulence is the order of the day and discomfort accompanies you throughout the day. The causes of constipation are sometimes very simple. Often it is enough if you are not in your familiar surroundings, but sometimes the circumstances do not allow you to use the toilet - for example, if you have to make appointments for work. If you order items against constipation in our online pharmacy , you will find a remedy - no matter what the causes are.

Once the usual rhythm of digestion has been mixed up, it is difficult for the intestine to adjust. The longer you can't go to the toilet, the more difficult it becomes because liquid is removed from the stool in the intestine and this can extremely harden over several days.

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If you are prone to constipation, you can prevent a little by ingesting large amounts of water - but that alone often does not help. The products in our range are tried and tested by research and science and help your intestine and the entire digestive system to work naturally again - try it out and order now!