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Order whitening products in the Kanela online shop

If you are thinking about whitening your teeth, then after the treatment at the dentist you should not be surprised if you get a hefty bill. The question arises as to whether you really want to dig so deep into your pocket for a brightening - or whether you switch to bleaching products that you can easily use at home. A further note: Of course, all bleaching articles that you can find in the Kanela range have been scientifically tested and approved. However, it can happen that after use you have to live with a sensitive sensation of hot and cold on your teeth - but only for a short time. This somewhat painful effect usually subsides after two days. In addition, the gums may be slightly irritated by the application. However, this side effect is also not uncommon and can also occur after a whitening that has been done at a dentist. So you don't have to worry here.

Bleaching products can be used safely

The irritants are triggered by the active ingredients that whiten the teeth. In the home bleaching articles, however, they are less available than is the case in the dental practice. In any case, the use of the products that you can buy in the online shop is very easy and the effect is not long in coming. Try the whitening strips, gels, powder or mouthwashes that we have provided for you in the online assortment at Kanela. Be sure to click on the individual products beforehand for more information.