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You can always get a dry nose - in summer as in winter. While the risk of this is higher in the colder seasons in the colder seasons, you are not immune to it in spring and summer either. Especially not if you belong to the rather large group of allergy sufferers. Strictly speaking, we are of course not talking about a dry nose (even if the outer skin quickly becomes rough due to frequent blowing of the nose), but rather a dry nasal mucous membrane. This occurs when you actually blow your nose often when you have a cold, but it also likes to dry out by itself if, for example, moisture is removed from the room air when the heating is switched on in winter. The nasal mucous membrane reacts irritated. If you buy nasal ointment from Kanela, your Swiss online drugstore, you will fight dry mucous membranes efficiently.

Nasal ointment for colds and dry noses

Dry mucous membrane means nothing more than easily attackable mucous membrane. Viruses and other pathogens have it much easier to establish themselves there, to multiply and to spread than on dry mucous membranes. But how does nasal ointment actually work? First of all, after application, it forms a film that protects the mucous membrane. This permanently supplies the nasal mucous membrane with moisture. Wound healing is accelerated and the formation of crusts is prevented, and pathogens and allergens can no longer penetrate the mucous membrane. Incidentally, nasal ointment is also suitable for those who are allergic to house dust. You can get more information about the nasal ointments from our range by clicking on the desired picture.