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Nobody would seriously deny that breast milk is by far the best and most energetic of all possible baby foods. It contains all the necessary nutrients and is - at least in the best case - available around the clock. And yet it can be very useful to be able to use a breast pump every now and then. There can be very pragmatic reasons for this, for example if mom goes back to work soon after the birth. Then pumping and storing (be careful - always store expressed milk in a cool place and don't store too long!) Is an excellent thing. Sometimes the breasts also produce more milk than the infant needs. The excess can then be frozen in case there is a shortage. You can order excellent breast pumps from Kanela, your Swiss online pharmacy.

Relaxed breastfeeding with breast pumps

Most of all, however, you need a breast pump if you have given birth to a premature baby. The baby is not yet developed to the point where it can suckle on its own, but it is even more dependent on breast milk than a newborn who is born after the 33rd week of pregnancy. The sucking reflex does not develop until weeks 32 and 33. If you express breast milk and give it in a bottle, then you can usually provide your premature baby with the extremely important food. And finally, sore and painful nipples or milk congestion speak in favor of using a breast pump. In the event of a blocked breast, however, you should try to breastfeed again as soon as possible, but the breast pump will help you with the necessary frequent emptying of the breast.