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Since mankind has had to deal more and more with the topic of hygiene due to the pandemic caused by the coronavirus, we have also been dealing with disinfection outside certain professional groups. We now know that the regular use of hand disinfectant gel, for example, helps protect yourself and others from infection. More and more people carry small bottles of hand disinfectant gel with them when they are on the go, but larger bottles are of course still allowed for use at home or at work. You should stock up on hand disinfectant gel if you find this gel more comfortable than a solution or disinfectant. When you buy hand disinfectant gel from Kanela, your Swiss online pharmacy, we deliver excellent products from this segment that are highly effective and that do not dry out your hands or skin.

Hand disinfectant gel works quickly and reliably

Viruses, pathogens, germs: they lurk everywhere, on every door handle, on the shopping cart in the supermarket, in public transport. You have to use your hands everywhere to be able to use these things, which makes it all the more important to use hand disinfectant gel afterwards. All preparations that you can buy in our shop reliably kill bacteria and viruses within a maximum of 60 seconds or at least reduce the amount of pathogens to such an extent that the risk of infection is minimized if you use the products thoroughly. At the same time, of course, the gel also frees the hands of other dirt. The special composition also prevents the hands or skin from drying out. You can find more information about the articles by clicking on the corresponding picture.