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Order sunscreen for children

Most people love the sun and warmth - and that starts in the first months of life! Of course, babies and children need it warm, but parents realize very early on that when they become a little more mobile, the little ones are attracted to warmth. It's also a nice thing. But be careful - children with their delicate skin can burn themselves badly within a very short time if they play in the sun without protection. If you order sunscreen for children in our online pharmacy, you significantly reduce this risk.

Most of the products in our range are equipped with the highest sun protection factor (SPF). It is especially important that you apply lotion to your child before going out into the sun. This should take place 20 minutes in advance so that the cream has enough time to penetrate the skin and activate the protection.

Buy sunscreen for children and be well prepared

If your child is happily playing in the sun, then they are well equipped to withstand UVA and UVB radiation. However, you should not forget to repeat the creaming procedure regularly. Even then, do not expose your child to the blazing sun for hours, and above all make sure to use too much sunscreen for children rather than too little if in doubt. You should also avoid the most intense sunshine from midday to afternoon. Order your sunscreen for your child right now!