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Starting milk as a milk substitute

According to doctors and nutritionists, breast milk is nutritionally the best for a baby. But not every mother wants or is able to breastfeed. Apart from the fact that this decision should be left solely to the mother, there is often also social pressure. In cases where breastfeeding is not possible or not wanted, the so-called pre-nutrition, i.e. the initial milk, is used as a milk substitute. This can be fed from birth. The initial milk is similar to mother's milk in terms of protein content and quality, and the only sugar it contains is lactose (milk sugar). Other carbohydrates are forbidden in pre-baby milk, which is why it has a very runny consistency.

A thin consistency requires the correct suction hole size

Because of the great similarity to mother's milk, the starter milk is also well suited for the two-milk diet. Zwiemilch nutrition is a combination of breastfeeding and parallel bottle feeding. Due to the very thin consistency of the starting milk, care must be taken to ensure that the teat hole size is correct when bottled. That's why we want to make it as easy as possible for you and that's why we only offer top-quality products in our online drugstore that you and your baby can trust. Good to know: All products are subject to high legal requirements and specifications that must be met for sale.