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The English word "to peel" means literally translated "peel" into German, another German term for this is known as "peeling". This would clarify the origin of the word. But why is peeling so valuable for our facial skin? That is explained quite simply. Every person's skin on their face is renewed approximately every four weeks. If you use peeling products regularly, you will support this process in a relatively gentle way. Because what exactly happens? With the peeling, carefully remove the top layer of the skin - the horny layer. This is how dead skin flakes are removed. If your skin is somewhat impure by nature, then you should use peeling products twice a week. However, if the skin is very sensitive, you should exfoliate a maximum of twice a month.

Exfoliating products for good circulation

If you have normal skin, you shouldn't overdo it with the peeling, because otherwise the natural protection of the skin - the fat produced by the sebaceous glands - is weakened. But how exactly does the treatment work? The solid components of the peeling massage the skin and give it a rosy appearance. In addition, the blood circulation in the skin is stimulated. In addition, your skin reacts particularly well to care products after the peeling treatment. By the way, it is recommended to carry out this application in the evening. After peeling, the skin is sensitive to light. After evening use, however, the skin can recover ideally overnight and you have a great complexion the next morning. Filabé facial tissues are very popular in our online pharmacy.