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A sore throat is an extremely uncomfortable thing. And of course you know the tips on how to prevent sore throats, throat irritation and hoarseness: drink enough fluids, ensure high humidity in closed rooms, eat rich in vitamins, keep your throat warm and ensure a pleasant room temperature, 18 to 21 degrees are recommended. However, no matter how much you stick to these suggestions, at some point we will get caught and the sore throats hit. Then fast and, above all, effective help is needed - and throat lozenges are always an excellent choice. When you buy throat lozenges from Kanela, your Swiss online drugstore, we deliver extremely tasty and quickly helping candies that will soon make your itchy throat and dry cough forget.

Throat lozenges - good for sore throat, hoarseness and coughing

The stimulation of the mucous membranes in the throat always comes from outside, viruses and other pathogens ultimately only trigger the irritation in the throat, often promoted by other factors such as dry room air or fine dust. And it is this interaction of different influences that ultimately leads to coughing, hoarseness and sore throat, since the salivation is often not sufficient. This in turn means that the spread of the pathogen in the pharynx can no longer be inhibited. With throat pastilles from our range, you can effectively stimulate the flow of saliva. In addition, the pastilles contain valuable active ingredients that fight the pathogens and at the same time form a protective film that covers the rough areas in the throat. You can get details about the pastilles by clicking on the desired picture.