nasal irrigation

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Buy nasal rinsing from Kanela

Let's be honest: When was the last time you had the feeling that your nose was really free, that you could really breathe deeply? If you have to answer this question with “that was a long time ago”, then you should think twice about using a nasal rinse. This is not at all uncomfortable and has a number of advantages for the nose - and the nasal mucosa. Especially if you have caught a cold or a cold. A nasal rinse efficiently prevents the further spread of viruses and other pathogens, helps the nasal mucous membrane to clean, loosens the solidified mucus and quickly clears the nose, which promotes healing. When you buy a nasal rinse at Kanela, your Swiss online drugstore, you get a soothing all-round solution for nasal problems.

Regenerate the nasal mucosa with a nasal rinse

Nasal rinsing is not only a quick remedy for an acute cold. Such a rinse can also prevent a cold well by keeping the nasal mucous membrane moist. This also reduces the risk of inflammation in the nasal and sinus cavities. If you are allergic to house dust, pollen and the like or - for example at work - are exposed to a large amount of dirt or dust, nasal rinsing is also a sensible thing. Regular nasal rinsing can even help with chronic snoring. You should of course read the package insert carefully before use. You can get more detailed information about the individual products by clicking on the desired nasal rinse.