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An accessory that is often underestimated on trips or trips and during sports is the first aid kit. Such a set is not mandatory in the car, but can quickly become useful. It doesn't have to be a bad sports injury or an ankle bent during the hike, a small, contaminated wound can be enough to wish for a first aid kit. Because in addition to plasters and compresses, bandages and towels, scissors and strips as well as fixation bandages and disposable gloves, damp towels are also a welcome item. A small wound, which may have a dirty edge, can at least be cleaned quite well with this, even if no disinfectant is currently available. When you buy first aid kits from Kanela, your Swiss online pharmacy, you bring the ideal first aiders into your home.

Order first aid kits for at home and on the go

If you want to be sure that there is always a first aid kit nearby, we advise you to get a copy for the car - and one for your own four walls. Do you practice a sport where it is possible to injure yourself? Then it doesn't hurt to always have a small first aid kit ready in your sports bag. And if you like to travel, then it is certainly not wrong to have a small first-aid kit with you. You will find the right set in our range for each of these purposes. Click on the pictures to get details about the content of each set. With our first aid kits you can treat minor and major injuries quickly and effectively.