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Do you know the stress an itchy scalp can mean? If not, then toi, toi, toi, that it stays that way - there isn't much that is more unpleasant. On the other hand, if you know all too well how annoying itchy scalps can be, then you've come to the right place. Because there is a remedy here. But first, you should ask why your scalp is itchy. Is it because you are constantly exposed to dry heating air in winter? Is it because of the fact that you are using the wrong styling articles or even shampoos? Allergies, neurodermatitis, stress or the use of medication can also be the trigger. Scalp fungi or parasites such as head lice are also often the cause of the unpleasant itching, and it is not uncommon for hormone fluctuations. If you buy shampoos against itching from Kanela, your Swiss online drugstore, you can effectively relieve the symptoms.

Shampoos against itching put an end to anger

It is always a good idea to switch to a shampoo that is specifically designed to treat itching. It is also not wrong to try to reduce the frequency of hair washing at the same time. This is good for the scalp and it quickly gets used to it. Daily hair washing is no longer necessary with a good anti-itch shampoo. All of the anti-itch shampoos in our range contain certain substances that soothe the scalp. Compare the products in terms of their ingredients before buying - just click on the relevant picture and then read the accompanying text.