Nursing bra

Buy nursing bra online

The nursing bra makes breastfeeding your baby much more relaxed and comfortable. The bra cup can be easily removed with one hand, which makes breastfeeding a lot easier. In addition, the cups of a nursing bra are made of stretchable materials. If you buy a nursing bra from your Swiss online drugstore, you will find them in different sizes in black and white. In terms of size, the sizes S, M, L and XL are sufficient, simply because the bra is elastic anyway and does not cut the breasts if you order the bra in the right size. But when is the perfect time to buy and wear the nursing bra?

Nursing bra and use it in the last weeks of pregnancy

From about the 36th week of your pregnancy, you can say that your breasts have reached roughly the same size that they will remain after the birth. For many women, a nursing bra is even more comfortable to wear than a maternity bra. The whole secret when it comes to nursing bras is: just try it out! And of course it makes sense if you get used to this item of clothing and practice using it before your baby is born - this makes breastfeeding child's play in the truest sense of the word. However, the elasticity of the fabric shouldn't hide the fact that the nursing bra guarantees excellent support for your breasts, because of course that's what matters. The nursing bra adapts to the shape of your breasts and is particularly comfortable for you.