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Buy type IIR hygiene masks from Kanela

In the past few months, mankind has learned more about protective and hygiene masks than before in history. Nevertheless, for many people the distinction between the different types of masks is not 100 percent clear, and that is not a problem with the wide range of mouth and nose protection (MNS). On this page we have put together a small selection of type IIR hygiene masks for you - these are disposable masks that can still be used several times if you wash them thoroughly or, even better, boil them out. If you buy type IIR hygienic masks from Kanela, your Swiss online drugstore, you will achieve amazingly good protection against liquids and infections with these covers.

Hygiene masks type IIR with good effect

You are probably familiar with the blue masks that you usually see on employees in hospitals or medical practices - these, like the mouth and nose covers from our range, also correspond to type IIR. This alone shows that the protective effect of this type has to be better than you initially suspect. With this mask you not only protect yourself from the coronavirus and other germs and pathogens, but also your fellow human beings in all life situations. The four-layer protection is very effective and efficiently keeps body fluids, aerosols and blood away. Accordingly, the type IIR hygiene mask is absolutely suitable for situations in which there is also direct contact with people, as is the case in hospitals. And of course this also applies to everyday use, be it when shopping or in public transport.