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Many people suffer when the air outside is cold and dry and the air in their own four walls is also not moist enough due to the heating: dry and chapped lips. In the long run, this can be quite uncomfortable. Because the lips are covered with a not particularly thick layer of cornea, and this cornea in turn does not have sebaceous glands that provide it with protective fats. And that is exactly the reason why the lips react so much to the external circumstances as cold, heat, low humidity or just heating air. This quickly overwhelms the lips, and these inevitably react in such a way that dandruff forms and peels off, at the same time cracks appear, which are initially small but can quickly become larger. Overall, the lip skin becomes brittle. A good lip balm promises quick relief.

Lip balm gives moisture back to the lips

The best way to prevent chapped and dry lips is the lip balm. This gives the lips back the moisture they so urgently need. You can use the balm as often as you like. In addition, the articles in this category also prevent dry and brittle lips, so you can use the products even when the lips are still in order. In our online pharmacy you will find a variety of great articles about lip care. Take a look around, compare, and then decide what exactly suits you best. All products are of course scientifically tested and can be used regularly without any concerns. The following products are very popular in our shop: Tebodont - Gel (18ml), Blistex - Lip Balm (6ml) and Dr. Hauschka lip gold (4.9g).