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Every person may have a different preference when it comes to the scent of clothing. Some like the fresh breeze, the other like the blooming spring meadow, and third the full power of the summer sun as a fragrance for freshly washed laundry. Totally legitimate that everyone has a different favorite here. What everyone should agree on: laundry, especially freshly washed laundry, must not scratch the skin! And that's exactly why there are fabric softeners. A small splash of fabric softener to each washing machine is enough to prevent the laundry from uncomfortably hardening after washing. If you buy fabric softener from Kanela, your Swiss online pharmacy, you will soon only be wearing wonderfully soft laundry on your skin.

Order fabric softener for soft and fragrant laundry

In our range you will find fabric softeners from various well-known manufacturers. No matter which product you choose: soft laundry is guaranteed! Because fabric softeners contain cationic surfactants that penetrate the laundry fibers of freshly washed clothes and combine there with the existing negative charges. This means that the dry stiffness, which otherwise sets in when air-drying laundry, simply does not occur. This automatically has another good effect: the electrical charge, which is often in the synthetic fibers of the laundry, is reduced. You get a slight electric shock much less often. Most fabric softeners also contain so-called cyclodextrins. These have the advantage that they bind and neutralize odors, which in turn means that fabric softener automatically makes your fresh laundry smell even more pleasant.