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Heartburn is an extremely unpleasant complaint, from which roughly every fourth person has to suffer regularly. The symptoms are varied, and there is often a sharp pain in the chest, accompanied by pressure in the stomach. Acid regurgitation and an unpleasant taste in the mouth as well as occasional coughing or hoarseness can also be an expression of heartburn. The causes are equally broad, with poor nutrition high on the list if you are otherwise healthy. Overweight and permanent stress can also lead to heartburn, just like taking medication. And last but not least, pregnant women are significantly affected. For many, the complaints are a constant companion that is not easy to get rid of. You can buy heartburn products here in our online pharmacy.

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By regularly taking the articles you fight acute symptoms and at the same time prevent heartburn. Protection lasts up to four hours, you can take up to 16 tablets or up to eight sticks per day. Then the food will be fun again soon - order now!

Our Reduflux chewable tablets and Sticks provide a quick remedy if the heartburn has become a permanent burden and can no longer be eliminated simply by changing the diet. Sometimes the stomach also reacts to certain foods such as coffee or acidic fruit - you then have to do without these foods. Or you can target your complaints with the preparations from our online drugstore.