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For most people, the anticipation for the warm seasons, i.e. spring and summer, is quite pronounced. At some point the cold temperatures and short days are enough. Back outside, back into the green, wonderful! But like every medal, there are two sides to this: it is not uncommon for mosquitoes to plague in spring and summer. Unfortunately, when the winters are mild, as has been the rule rather than the exception for a few years, the chances are high that many mosquitoes are at risk. However, if you buy mosquito products from Kanela, your Swiss online drugstore, you can deal with the annoyance pretty well.

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Not enough that mosquitoes or mosquitoes want our blood. The fact that they also like to do this at nighttime, when we humans only really want to go into our dreams, makes matters worse. Who hasn't spent half a summer's night unsuccessfully chasing that one mosquito in full bedroom lighting? And as soon as you lie down again, shortly before you fall asleep, it hums annoyingly close to your head. And you're awake again. With the anti-mosquito products that you can find in our range, you can avoid these unpleasant situations. To ward off the pests, you will find sprays, concentrates, platelets, candles and bracelets from us. And if it should have happened and you have been stung, soothing creams and roll-ons will help you and the whole family to relieve the itching.