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Buy hair removal products from Kanela

Many people find hair removal on the body annoying. For some contemporaries, the pain is simply unattractive, for others the skin is very sensitive to waxing, epilation and shaving. Whether on the face, arms and legs, in the genital area, under the armpits or elsewhere on the body - you can use a lot of proven tools for hair removal. What you prefer is entirely up to you. If you like to grow, then cold wax or warm wax are the right tools for you. When it comes to wax, we have a large selection of different products for you in our range. If you buy hair removal items from your Swiss online pharmacy in Kanela, you generally have a free choice.

Hair removal products for regular use

Maybe you prefer shaving to waxing? Then you can use one of our razors and your preferred depilatory cream or gel. Simply click through our offer, there is definitely something for you. All products offered here in the shop are particularly skin-friendly and easy to use. Have you ever tried hair removal with sugar paste made according to traditional oriental recipes? No? Then we would particularly like to recommend this paste to you. Because the oil it contains makes your skin particularly smooth and soft, for up to four weeks. The application with strips of cloth that are also reusable and spatulas is very easy. Give it a try!