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Buy eyebrow makeup at Kanela

The perfect evening dress, the most beautiful fingernails, great eyelashes, beautiful make-up, valuable and rare jewelry - and still you think that your outfit is not yet perfect? Then it could be because, apart from the eyelashes, you have not yet done anything for the eyes, more precisely the eyebrows. But only a beautiful make-up for the eyes really rounds off your look! When you buy makeup for the eyes at Kanela, your Swiss online drugstore, you will find a fine selection of great tools to ideally trim your eyes and eyebrows. There are pens on the one hand, but also eyeshadow and eye brow stencils, all from the well-known brands La Roche Posay and Artdeco.

eyebrow makeup for the best styling

Of course, you can experiment as you like. The main thing is that you like it yourself and you wear your eye make-up with confidence! First of all, nothing is forbidden. And over time you will find out which colors suit you and the color of your eyes better than others. Tip: Almost all colors that you get with the pencils go with brown eyes; if you have blue eyes, it is best to combine them with a light eyebrow look that makes the brows appear blonde. On the other hand, shades of brown are ideally suited to green eyes, and those with gray eyes can let off steam to their hearts' content when it comes to the choice of colors. But as I said - above all you have to like it yourself. If you like it a bit more daring, then dark colors are nice and striking.