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Buy disposable masks from Kanela

It alone does not protect against the coronavirus, but together with everyday hygiene and distance from other people, the disposable mask helps contain the pandemic - and protect others. If everyone joins in and wears a disposable mask, then the virus will have a hard time in society. And what was foretold a few months ago has now actually turned out to be: the everyday mask has become a fashion accessory. Because if you have to wear an MNS (mouth and nose protection), then it should at least look stylish, right? Disposable masks can also differ from one another, as you can see in our range. If you buy disposable masks from Kanela, your Swiss online drugstore, we will deliver a well-fitting MNS that is also visually appealing.

Disposable masks do not have to be disposed of immediately

When you hear the term disposable masks, you tend to assume that these masks have to be disposed of immediately after just one use - but that is not correct. You can use you mask several times. However, it is correct that you should not wear a mask for more than three, at most four hours at a time. After this time it is soaked and does not work. Exactly how long you should wear the mask depends on how active you are. Just browse through our selection and order the masks that you like best. We also have disposable masks for children. You can find out details about the articles by clicking on the desired product.