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We all need vitamins. In contrast to other substances that the body needs, vitamins are not energy sources. However, they are vital because human metabolism cannot produce these substances synthetically. That means nothing else than that you have to take vitamins, either through food, in the form of drinks - or just as a preparation. Fruits and vegetables are still the foods that have the highest percentage of vitamins. However, not all varieties are available all year round. That is why the vitamin supplements that you can order here in the Kanela online shop are a sensible and healthy addition to normal nutrition.

vitamin preparations strengthen the immune system and metabolism

Whether as capsules or as a liquid - here in the shop you will find a large selection of vitamin preparations that support your supply of vitamins. We humans need vitamins at all times of the year, increasingly in autumn and winter, when there are not so many natural vitamin carriers available and the risk is greater that we will get sick. As a nutritional supplement, the valuable products in the Kanela shop complete your vitamin intake. In this way, you can optimally tune your metabolism - and at the same time prevent illnesses, because the immune system works at full speed through the supply of vitamins and remains efficient. And last but not least, you simply feel good with a balanced vitamin balance. All products that you can order in our online pharmacy have been sufficiently tried and tested by experts.