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Buy vinyl gloves from Kanela

If you already have to wear gloves at work, then it would be desirable if it were hand protection that is comfortable to wear. Of course, a certain robustness is also part of it, especially since most of the jobs in the care sector or in medicine require gloves. If you are allergic to latex then vinyl gloves might be the ideal alternative for you. When dealing with patients, you protect yourself and other people because vinyl gloves have a high standard of hygiene. If you buy vinyl gloves from Kanela, your Swiss online drugstore, you will receive hand protection that is made of a high-quality material and is extremely sensitive to touch.

Vinyl gloves are particularly suitable in medicine and care

The consistency of the gloves is quite soft, which on the one hand makes them absolutely skin-friendly and on the other hand ensures that the smooth surface structure feels particularly pleasant on the skin. Gloves made of nitrile or latex are a little more puncture-resistant and at the same time more elastic than vinyl, but the latter are more attractive in terms of price. However, they should only be used in work areas that present a low risk; Vinyl gloves are not suitable for the production of - especially fatty - food, as the plasticisers they contain can sometimes loosen from the material and contaminate food. Vinyl gloves, on the other hand, are ideal for care or in hospitals or medical practices, especially as they are disposed of after use - which in turn reduces the risk that pathogens that are on the gloves can be transferred to the skin.