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There are contemporaries who only need water to quench their thirst, some people don't even like carbonated water. As always, there is no dispute about taste. A fresh glass of water every now and then is really a good thirst quencher. But if you're more of a species that likes to taste something when drinking something, then our coffee range is the right choice for you. Good coffee not only helps against thirst and is suitable as a stimulant - no, good coffee can be a real taste experience. When you buy coffee from Kanela, your Swiss online drugstore, you are definitely showing off your taste. We only offer coffee from special cultivation from different regions of the world and make the enjoyment of your caffeinated hot drink a real experience.

Order coffee and get the best quality

Coffee is not just coffee, and as a true connoisseur you already know that. Sure, sometimes or quickly, an instant coffee or one from the machine is also okay to warm up or to wake up. But in terms of quality, the difference between ready-made coffee and the types in our shop could hardly be greater. Our coffees come from India, Kenya, Nepal, Indonesia, Uganda, Brazil, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Honduras and Guatemala. The beans are harvested in the respective countries and then processed in the way that is ideal for the respective variety so that the perfect aroma can later be found in the cup. Only then will the transport take place. Each variety is different and has a distinctive and unique taste.