Endwarts Pen (3ml)
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Endwarts Pen (3ml)

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EndWarts PEN contains effective formic acid solution in a practical pen. This was specially developed to meet the needs of customers and to enable precise, precise application. The user-friendly pen has a triangular handle that enables targeted application and a tip that automatically applies the correct dosage to the wart. Since the solution penetrates directly into the wart, you can easily put on stockings or take a bath immediately after application. The solution leaves no traces on the skin. When used correctly, EndWarts PEN does not cause scars or inflammation. EndWarts PEN is suitable for the treatment of warts on the hands, feet, elbows and knees. Formic acid helps the body dry out and repel the wart.

Make sure that the solution does not come into contact with the surrounding healthy skin. Formic acid is caustic and can damage healthy skin. This is particularly important when treating thin areas of skin, e.g. in children.

  • EndWarts PEN is suitable for small children
  • EndWarts PEN can be used by the whole family, including children.
  • Due to the shape of the stick, application is very easy and, when used correctly, does not cause pain.
  • The solution moves in immediately. Your child can put on stockings, continue playing, take a bath or go swimming right after the treatment.
  • The treatment is completely stress-free and means no annoying interruption of your everyday life or your child's daily routine.

Treatment for children under 4 years old

After consulting your family doctor or pediatrician, EndWarts PEN can be used to treat warts in children under 4 years of age. In these cases it is important to reduce the dose accordingly.

Treatment of diabetics

Diabetics should only use EndWarts PEN on healthy skin that has no diabetes-related damage and with special care. If problems or side effects occur during treatment, stop treatment and see a doctor or medical podiatrist (podiatrist) immediately.

Additional information about EndWarts PEN

EndWarts PEN is used only once a week until the wart disappears. Multiple warts can be treated at the same time. The pen contains enough solution for approx. 30 treatments.
Store EndWarts PEN with the protective cap closed and with the tip down so that the pen does not dry out. Read the full instructions for use here.

Why does the tip of PEN's final look dry?

The secret of Endwarts PEN is the minimum amount that is sufficient for an effective treatment. The Endwarts PEN tip is designed so that it is always a little damp but never wet. This means that EndWarts PEN can be used directly. No previous activation is required.

Keep EndWarts PEN out of the reach of children.

Just follow these simple steps

  • Remove the protective cap.
  • Press the tip of the pen lightly on the wart for a second and repeat the process once.
  • Done!

Treat regularly once a week until the wart is completely gone.

The pen contains a sponge that contains enough solution for 30 applications. The sponge is connected to the tip of the pen and doses the correct amount. The ergonomic, triangular handle design makes it easier to hold and enables precise application of the solution.
EndWarts PEN can be used by the whole family, but the treatment of children should always be carried out by an adult.

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